Quark and Lepton-Flavor Physics

Dozent: Ulrich Uwer
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Lecture for master and PhD students with specialization in Particle Physics (SoSe 2021).

Lecturer:    U. Uwer uwer@physi.uni-heidelberg.de

Time:          Tuesdays, 14:15 - 16:00, Start:  April 13th, 2021


To minimize infection risks with the corona virus the lecture will be held as "tele-lecture" using zoom. Please register via the Übungsgruppenverwaltung using this link to obain the zoom connection details.



The lecture introduces the concepts of flavor physics and covers the physics of electro-weak interactions between quarks and leptons. The course adresses theortical and experimental aspects:

  • Introduction to flavor physics in the standard model
  • Experimental evidence of quarks and leptons
  • Quark flavor physics: Meson mixing, CP violation, rare decays
  • Lepton flavor physics: lepton flavor violation, electric and magnetic moments
  • Neutrinos: masses and oscillations


The zoom link for the lecture will be distributed by eMail. It is therefore recommended to register here for the lecture to obtain all information.

Lecture notes:


Lecture / Topic Notes
Lecture infos Info
Flavor in the Standard Model Notes-1
CKM matrix and uniitarity Notes-2
Experimental foundations of the quark sector Notes-3
Neutral Kaon system Notes-4
Mixing phenomenology Notes-5
Mixing predictions and CP violation Notes-6
CP violation in K and B mesons Notes-7
Rare FCNC decays (2 lectures) Notes-8
Lepton sector: lepton flavor violation Notes-9
Anomalous magnetic dipole moment and electrical dipole moment Notes-10
Neutrino mass generation Notes-11
Neutrinoless double beta decays and neutrino mass scale Notes-12
Neutrino oscillation in vacuum and matter Notes-13
Experimental results on neutrino oscillation


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Quark and Lepton-Flavor Physics
Sommersemester 2021
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