Higgs Physics

winter term 2013/2014
Lecturer: Schultz-Coulon/Plehn

Lecture Notes & Slides

16.10.2013 Introduction Schultz-Coulon/Plehn
18.10.2013 Experimental Introduction to the Higgs Schultz-Coulon
23.10.2013 Massive photons Plehn
25.10.2013 Standard Model doublets, Sigma Model Plehn
30.10.2013 Electroweak symmetry breaking Plehn
06.11.2013 Higgs production in gluon fusion Plehn
08.11.2013 Higgs decays Plehn
13.11.2013 Higgs discovery (Part I) Schultz-Coulon
15.11.2013 Higgs discovery (Part II) Schultz-Coulon
20.11.2013 Significance and Signal Strength Schultz-Coulon
22.11.2013 Higgs Coupling to Fermions (b,τ) Schultz-Coulon
27.11.2013 Higgs Spin and Parity Schultz-Coulon
29.11.2013 Spin & CP Properties - Theory Perspective I Plehn
04.12.2013 Spin & CP Properties - Theory Perspective II Plehn
06.12.2013 Higgs Coupling Fits - Theory Perspective Plehn
11.12.2013 Higgs Coupling Fits - Experimental Perspective Schultz-Coulon
13.12.2013 Two Higgs Doublet Models Plehn
18.12.2013 Two Higgs Doublet Models and SUSY Plehn
20.12.2013 Heavy Higgs Plehn
08.01.2014 BSM Higgs Searches I Schultz-Coulon
10.01.2014 BSM Higgs Searches II Schultz-Coulon
15.01.2014 BSM Higgs Searches III Schultz-Coulon
17.01.2014 Renormalization Group Analysis Plehn
22.01.2014 Renormalization Group Analysis Plehn
24.01.2014 Searching the Higgs in B-Physics Schultz-Coulon
29.01.2014 Higgs Physics am ILC Plehn
31.01.2014 The Higgs in Cosmology Plehn



   Higgs & LHC

      - T.Plehn: LHC and Higgs Notes
      - PDG: Status of Higgs Boson Physics


   Particle Physics & Standard Model

      - M. Thomson: Modern Particle Physics
      - D.H. Perkins: Introduction to High Energy Physics 
      - C. Berger: Elementarteilchenphysik 

      - I.J.R. Aitchison, A.J.G. Hey: Gauge Theories in Particle Physics 
      - F. Haalzen: A.D.Martin, Quarks and Leptons
      - O. Nachtmann: Elementarteilchenphysik. Phänomene und Konzepte

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Higgs Physics
winter term 2013/2014
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Prof. T. Plehn
Prof. H.-C. Schultz-Coulon