summer term 2017

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Department for Physics and Astronomie

Allgemeine Veranstaltungen [AV]

Bachelor of Science Physik [B]

Pflichtkurse Physik [BP]
Wahlbereich Physik [BW]
Astronomie und Astrophysik [BWA]
Atom-, Molekül- und optische Physik [BWO]
Bio- und Medizinische Physik [BWB]
(Elementar-) Teilchenphysik [BWE]
Informatik / Computational Physics [BWI]
Physik der kondensierten Materie [BWK]
Theoretische Physik [BWT]
Umweltphysik [BWU]
Überfachliche Kompetenzen [BUK]

Vertiefung Lehramt an Gymnasien [L]

Master of Science Physics [M]

Core Courses [MW]
Specialisation in Physics [MV]
Astronomy and Astrophysics [MVA]
Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics [MVO]
Bio- and Medical Physics [MVB]
Computational Physics [MVX]
Condensed Matter Physics [MVC]
Environmental Physics [MVU]
Particle Physics [MVP]
Theoretical Physics [MVT]
Transferable Skills Education [MUK]

Graduate Education [G] (HGSFP, IMPRS-HD, IMPRS-PTFS, IMPRS-QD)

Common Colloquia, Seminars and Lectures [GC]
Astronomy and Cosmic Physics [GA]
Particle Physics and Cosmology [GP]
Quantum Dynamics and Complex Quantum Systems [GQ]
Complex Classical Systems [GK]
Environmental Physics [GE]
Mathematical Physics [GM]

Master-Studiengang Technische Informatik [TI]

Veranstaltungen für Nebenfachstudierende [N]

Faculty of Chemistry and Earth Sciences