Advanced Condensed Matter Physics (MKEP2)

summer term 2024
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. RĂ¼diger Klingeler
127 participants

Lecture (4 hours/week) and exercises (2 hours/week) with homework (8 Credit Points)


Lecturer: R. Klingeler / A. Reiser


Lecture time

Tuesday, 11:15 - 13:00 h (INF 308, HS2)
Thursday, 11:15 - 13:00 h (INF 308, HS2)





After completing the course the students

  • have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of condensed matter physics.
  • they understand the principles of formation of condensed matter and have learnt experimental methods to study structural properties. They are familiar with the reciprocal space.
  • they understand fundamental electronic models, become aquainted with bandstructure and can describe simple crystalline materials as metals, seminconductors, and insulators.
  • they can apply the basic concepts to understand optical and magnetic properties of matter and superconductivity.
  • they know the relevant experimental methods for probing structural, optical, magnetic, and electronic properties of condensed matter and can analyse the experimental results.
  • get insight into modern trends in experimental condensed matter physics.


Slides, tutorial sheets and lecture notes are password protected and only available for students of the ACMP lecture for personal use as part of their studies. All rights of the materials at the webpages are reserved. Any commercial use is prohibited.

Practice groups


Date: July 25th, 9-11 am

Time: 9-11 am (Entrance time slot starting 8:45)

Place: INF 308, HS 1


Cheat sheet: 1 double sided page, handwritten.

Pocket calculator: Your own. No network connection

Advanced Condensed Matter Physics (MKEP2)
summer term 2024
R. Klingeler
127 participants