The Physics of Particle Detectors


The Physics of Particle Detectors
Lecture & Journal Club (SS 2023)

Prof. H.-C. Schultz-Coulon
PD Dr. F. Sefkow

Mondays, 11:15 - 13:00;
Alternative: Wednesdays, 09:15 - 11:00

Journal Club
Fridays, 13:30
INF 227, SR 2.404

Klausur: 26.7., 13:30 s.t.
[Room: KIP 3.403, 3.404]

The course will cover the physics of particle detectors. It will introduce the experimental techniques used in nuclear and particle physics and describe the layout and functionality of modern HEP experiments. The lecture includes the interaction of particles with matter, scintillators and time-of-flight detectors, the principle of gas chambers, silicon detectors, modern calorimetry and detectors for particle identification. Large detector systems as used at accelerators like HERA, the LHC and the Tevatron will also be discussed.

Organizational Issues
Introduction We 19.04. INF 227, 3.403
Interactions of Particles with Matter I                     Mo 26.04. INF 227, 3.402
Interactions of Particles with Matter II                     We 03.05. INF 227, 3.403
Scintillation Detectors                   Mo 08.05. INF 227, 3.402
Semiconductor Detectors I                   Mo 15.05. INF 227, 3.402
Semiconductor Detectors II                   Mo 22.05. INF 227, 3.402
Gas Detectors I                   We 31.05. INF 227, 3.403
Gas Detectors II                   Mo 05.06. INF 227, 3.402
Calorimetry I                   Mo 12.06. INF 227, 3.402
Calorimetry II                   Mo 19.06. INF 227, 3.402
Calorimetry III                   We 21.06. INF 227, 3.403
Particle Identification                   Mo 03.07. INF 227, 3.402
Trigger & DAQ Systems                   We 12.07. INF 227, 3.403
Detecting Neutrals ...                   Mo 17.07. INF 227, 3.402
Journal Club
Vorbesprechung Fr 21.04.  
Hadron Therapy Fr 28.04. Brunßen, Santiago Aguilar
Particle ID using dE/dx Fr 05.05. Becker, Marzel
Silicon Photomultipliers, SiPMs Fr 12.05. Beggren, Dunz, Pianon
Fast Scintillation Fr 19.05. Prianon, Richards, Tolstra
Belle II Vertex Detector Fr 26.05. Agarwal, Lauer, Schmidt
Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors Fr 02.06. Barth, Lauer, Königstein, Tastepe
TPC & Space Charge (2 papers) Fr 09.06. Heintz, Kavak, Schmidt
GEMs - Gas Electron Multipliers Fr 16.06. Barth, Becker, Brunßen, Santiago Aguilar
Liquid Nobel Calorimetry Do 22.06. Dunz, Königstein, Tastepe
Particle Flow Calorimetry Fr 30.06. Agarwal, Heintz, Kavak
Particle Identification Fr 07.07. Mazel, Tolstra, Unold
The ATLAS L1Calo PreProcessor Fr 14.07. Beggren, Richards, Unold
H.Kolanoski, N.Wermes: Particle Detectors, Oxford

K.Kleinknecht: Detectors for Particle Radiation, Cambridge
W.R.Leo: Techniques for Nuclear and Particle Physics Experiments, Springer

T.Ferbel, Experimental Techniques in High Energy Physics
F.Sauli, Instrumentation in High Energy Physics, World Scientific
C.W.Fabjan and J.E.Pilcher, Instrumentation in Elementary Particle Physics, World Scientific

R.Wigmans: Calorimetry: Energy Measurement in Particle Physics, Clarendon Press
W.Blum und L.Rolandi, Particle Detection with Drift Chambers, Springer

Lectures on Particle Detectors:
The Physics of Particle Detectors (SS 2022)
The Physics of Particle Detectors (SS 2019)
Detektoren (Skript; SS 2003)

Review of Particle Physics
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The Physics of Particle Detectors
summer term 2023
Schultz-Coulon, Sefkow
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