The Physics of Particle Detectors

summer term 2022
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Silvia Masciocchi
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The course focuses on the physics of particle detectors, the beautiful and fascinating devices which supported discoveries through decades of physics, and which allow us to look into the smallest, the hottest, the coldest, the most fundamental elements of matter.

There is a variety of particle detectors, which exploit different aspects of the interaction of particles with matter to measure various properties of the particles themselves: their momentum, their energy, their velocity, their identity, etc. The working principles of gas detectors, silicon detectors, scintillators, calorimeters, and other detectors will be discussed. We will also see how many different detectors are combined into the modern high-energy physics experiments to cover wide-scope physics programmes, as well as a few specific applications.

The course includes:

  • the lectures, on Mondays 2-4 pm
  • the journal club, on Fridays 11-13 am

Both lectures and journal club will be in presence.

Written exam: August 4, 2022, at 11:00 in the Golden Box in the Physics Institute.

Lecture program

This is a tentative plan for our course. Based on your experience and interests, we can tune it during the semester.
The lectures are held in building 308, Hoersaal 2.


Date Topic Material



General introduction.
Presentation of the team, structure of lectures and journal club, distribution of topics of the journal club.
Historical introduction
25.04.2022 Interaction of radiation with matter - part 1 Slides
02.05.2022 Interaction of radiation with matter - part 2 Slides


Gas detectors - part 1



Zoom only!

Gas detectors - part 2

Connection details provided in the discord channel.




at 11:00

Wrapping up on gas detectors.

Semiconductors - First concepts



30.05.2022 Semiconductors - part 1 Slides



at 11:00 (to replace Whit Monday)

Semiconductors - part 2

13.06.2022 Semiconductors - part 3 Slides
20.06.2022 Scintillators Slides
27.06.2022 Photon detectors + Momentum measurement in magnetic fields Slides
04.07.2022 Electro-magnetic calorimeters Slides
11.07.2022 Hadron calorimeters Slides

A few words about trigger.
Concluding discussion and wrap up

September 2022 Visit to GSI  

Info: mandatory Master Seminar in Winter Semester 2022-23

Nobel prizes in nuclear, particle and precision physics: info slide

Practice groups

  • Group 1 (Dr. Heiko Augustin, Dr. Sebastian Bachmann, Bogdan Blidaru)
    19 participants
    INF 226 Raum 01.106 (Konferenz 4), Fri 11:15 - 13:00
The Physics of Particle Detectors
summer term 2022
Bachmann Augustin Masciocchi Blidaru
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19 participants
Particle Detectors