Surfaces and Nanostructures

winter term 2017/2018
Lecturer: Annemarie Pucci
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Lectures: We 11:15-12:45, Fr 11:15-12:45, SR 2.404  KIP,

Tutorials Mo 16:15-17:45 (SR 2.404 KIP) beginning on October 23, 2017.

In order to get 6 CP for the course  students have to take part regularly in the tutorials, to solve at least 50% of the tutorial excercises, and to pass the written examination (at least 30% right solutions). 



1. Stability and structure of crystalline surfaces
2. Vibrational and electronic properties of crystalline surfaces
3. Adatoms and molecules on crystalline surfaces
4. Nanostructures and ultrathin films on surfaces
5. Optical properties of surfaces, layers, and nanostructures
6. Dimension and quantum effects of nanostructures


Surfaces and Nanostructures
winter term 2017/2018
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