Die Physik der interstellaren Raumfahrt

winter term 2017/2018
Lecturer: Coryn Bailer-Jones
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19 participants

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The file organization.xlsx (below) will be constantly updated with new literature suggestions. New articles will be listed individually (all those available at the beginning of the course are in the zip file). The books are only suggestions; there may well be others.


  • Curtis H.D., Orbital mechanics for engineering students, 2009, BH/Elsevier
  • Long K.F., Deep space propulsion, 2012, Springer (is in UB)
  • Mallove E, Matloff G., The starflight handbook, 1989, Wiley
  • Matloff G.L., Deep space probes, 2005, Springer-Praxis (is in UB)
  • McInnes C.R., 1999, Solar sailing, 1999, Springer-Praxis (is in UB)
  • Messerschmid E., Fasoulas S., 2017, Raumfahrtsysteme, Springer-Vieweg (is in UB)
  • Turner M.J.L., Rocket and spacecraft propulsion, 2009, Springer-Praxis
  • Vulpetti G., et al., Solar sails, 2015, Springer-Praxis (is in UB)

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The physics of interstellar travel
winter term 2017/2018
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19 participants