Introduction to Astronomy and Astrophysics III

winter term 2014/2015
Lecturer: PD Dr. Coryn Bailer-Jones, PD Dr. Hubert Klahr
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6 participants


This seminar is intended for students who want to do their mandatory Bachelor seminar course (PSem) in astronomy and astrophysics. Each participant will prepare and hold a presentation on a specfic topic and also write a summary (as a handout for the other participants). Both the presentation and handout will be graded. This seminar includes the "core competence" course on presentations (UKS2). Active participation in all the lectures is expected.


Please register by 13 October using the link above. You must also attend the first seminar on 15 October in order to choose a topic. There is space for up to 18 students.

Time and place

Wednesdays from 09:15 to 11:00

ARI Seminar room, Mönchhofstrasse 12-14



Datum Student Thema Supervisor Literature
15 Oktober   Themenvergabe    
26 November Victor Ksoll Physical proceses in asteroid impacts CBJ
  • Adushkin V., Nemchinov I. (eds), 2008, "Catastrophic events caused by cosmic objects", Springer
  • Bobrowsky P.T., Rickman H. (eds), 2007, "Comet/Asteroid Impacts and Human Society", Springer
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  • Shoemaker E.M., 1983, "Asteroid and comet bombardment of the Earth", Ann. Rev. Earth Planet. Science 11, 461-494
  • Toon O.B., Turco R.P., Covey C., 1997, "Environmental perturbations caused by the impacts of asteroids and comets", Rev. Geophysics 35, 41-78
10 December Maximilian Hein Star formation HK  
17 December Christoph Engler Determining the ages of stars CBJ
  • Soderblom D.R., Annual Reviews of Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2010, 48, 581
  • Mamajek E.E. et al., 2009, Proceedings of IAU Symposium no. 258 "Ages of Stars", Cambridge University Press
  • Any text book on stellar structure and evolution
  • See also talks - and references therein - from these conferences:
    • talks by von Hippel and Soderblom on ages at
 7 Januar Julian Rickert The search for earth-like exoplanets HK  
14 Januar Iijima Kazuma Energy generation in stars and planets CBJ
  • Any text book on stellar structure and evolution


Vorträge können auf Deutsch oder English gehalten werden, unabhängig von der Sprache der Title unten.

Talks can be held in German or English regardless of the language used below.


Topic Supervisor Literature / links
Die Entdeckung extrasolarer Planeten HK  
Magnetische Turbulenz in Akkretionsscheiben HK  
Die Entstehung von Planetensystemen HK  
Bio-Astronomie: Leben im Universum HK  
Sternentstehung HK  
Lucky-Imaging HK  
A dying universe: the long-term fate and evolution of astrophysical objects HK  
The effect of a nearby supernova on the Earth CBJ  
Comet impacts caused by nearby stars? CBJ  
Detecting and preventing potentially hazardous objects (asteroids, comets) CBJ  
Physical processes during an asteroid impact CBJ see above
Measuring cosmic distances CBJ  
Measuring cosmic distances in the pre-electronic era CBJ
  • Bastian U., 2000, "Die Eroberung der dritten Dimension", Spektrum der Wissenschaft, Feb. 2000
  • Clark D.H., Clark M.D.H, "Measuring the Cosmos", Rutgers University Press
  • Ferguson K. 1999, "Measuring the Universe", Headline
  • Gingerich O, 1975, Vistas in astronomy Vol. 18, 595-601
  • Hirschfeld A.W., 2001, "Parallax: The race to measure the cosmis", W.H. Freeman & Company
  • Neumann M.J., 2004, "Venus vor der Sonne", Sterne und Weltraum, Juni 2004
  • Perryman M.A.C,
  • Sparavigna, 2012,
  • van Helden A., 1985, "Measuring the Universe", University of Chicago Press
  • A journal with various articles of relevance is the Journal for the History of Astronomy (printed form available at MPIA)
The Milankovitch theory of ice ages CBJ  
How to measure the ages of stars CBJ  
Energy generation in stars and planets CBJ see above
Structure and evolution of brown dwarfs CBJ  
Degenerate matter in white dwarfs and neutron stars CBJ  
Einführung in die Astronomie und Astrophysik III
winter term 2014/2015
Bailer-Jones & Klahr
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6 participants