Environmental Physics

summer term 2023
Lecturer: Aeschbach
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145 participants

General information
This platform – the physics department's exercise management system – serves for registration and for the electronic handling of the exercises (i.e., you can upload your solutions here).

The central platform for this lecture is the following Moodle page:
The enrolment key for Moodle will be provided in the first lecture and via e-mail.

On Moodle you will find all materials for the lectures (e.g., textbooks and lecture notes, additional information and links). I will try to make the slides of each lecture available well in advance of the scheduled lecture times. You will also find exercise sheets with problems to solve for download there (but the upload of solutions is via this site here).
The videos of lectures from previous online semesters will also be made available via Moodle but will not be updated to match the current content of the lectures. They are only meant as a backup for students who may not be able to attend in person at some dates.

Practice groups

Environmental Physics
summer term 2023
Link zum LSF
145 participants