Low Energy Particle Physics - Searches with Precision

summer term 2023
Lecturer: Schmidt Degenkolb
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6 participants

This seminar will be held fully in English, focusing on precision measurements in low-energy particle physics. Please contact us ahead of time, if you wish to register for a specific topic or give a presentation early in the semester!


Possible seminar topics:


Casimir force
Deviation from Newtonian gravity
Bound gravitational states of the neutron
g-2 of the electron
Proton radius measured in muonic hydrogen
Experimental searches for CPT violation
Hydrogen and antihydrogen
Neutron decay lifetime
Neutron electric dipole moment
Correlation coefficients in neutron beta decay


In addition to class participation, grading will be based on a seminar presentation and written report on the selected topic. You are expected to perform your own literature research, but the instructors are available to provide suggestions in case you get stuck.

For a seminar presentation in week N, the following schedule applies:

week N-3: first meeting with supervisor, present topic and outline
week N-2: second meeting with supervisor, first full draft
week N-3: final meeting with supervisor, full practice presentation

week N+2: first draft of report is due
week N+4: feedback on draft from supervisor
week N+6: final draft of report is due

The reports should be written in the style of a conference proceedings article, i.e., in the format of a research report. They should include appropriate figures and literature references, and not exceed 8 pages in length.








Benhao Tang



David Fritz


Bound Gravitational states

Felix Waldherr


Proton radius

Josef Tremmel


Correlation coefficients in beta decay

Kristian Köhler


Practice groups

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    INF 501 / FP seminar room, Fri 14:00 - 16:00
Low Energy Particle Physics - Searches with Precision
summer term 2023
Schmidt Degenkolb
Link zum LSF
6 participants