Nobel prizes from nuclear, particle, and precision physics

winter term 2022/2023
Lecturer: Skyler Degenkolb, Silvia Masciocchi, Felix Sefkow
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Prof. Dr. Skyler Degenkolb (

Prof. Dr. Silvia Masciocchi (

Priv. Doz. Dr. Felix Sefkow (


The goal of the seminar is to discuss nobel prizes in the fields of experimental nuclear, particle and precision physics. The topics will be ordered according to their historic occurance.


Prerequisite for this seminar is the Particle Physics Master Course or a Bachelor Thesis in particle physics. The seminar consists of the oral presentation of a research topic and a write-up of the talk. (see Master Modulhandbuch) 

Time and Place

Time: Fridays 14:00 - 16:00

First Meeting: 21.10.2022

First Seminar:

Place: INF 226 Glass Box (room 1.106)


Please register through the Übungsgruppenverwaltung and contact one of the organisers:


The distribution of talks will be done on a first come first served basis.

Possible Topics

The agreed calendar of topics and speakers is available here:


1 1958 Tscherenkov, Frank, Tamm Tscherenkov effect  
2 1961 Möβbauer Gamma resonance absorption  
3 1964 Townes, Basov, Prokhorov Maser and laser  
4 1976 Richter, Ting J/psi taken
5 1980 Cronin, Fitch CP-violation in the kaon system  
6 1984 Rubbia, van der Meer W- and Z-bosons  
7 1988 Ledermann, Schwartz, Steinberg Myon-neutrino  
8 1989 Ramsey Method of separated oscillatory fields  
9 1992 Charpak Multiwire proportional chambers (MWPC)  
10 1994 Brockhouse, Shull Neutron scattering  
11 1995 Perl Tau discovery  
12 2005 Hall, Hänsch Frequency combs  
13 2013 Englert, Higgs Higgs-mechanism  
14 2015 Kajita, McDonald Neutrino oscillations  


21.10: Introduction to the Seminar

First seminar in November, on ?

Practice groups

  • Group SEM (Degenkolb Masciocchi Sefkow)
    13 participants
    INF 226 1.106, Fri 14:00 - 16:00
Nobel prizes from nuclear, particle, and precision physics
winter term 2022/2023
Degenkolb Masciocchi Sefkow
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13 participants