Your passion for (AMO-)physics: What are you curious about?

summer term 2022
Lecturer: Pfeifer
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17 participants

In this seminar, we will cover YOUR topic of interest in physics. If you still want to find and/or develop your passion for a specific science area, I can provide some stimulus in terms of topics to choose from.  However, I highly appreciate if you already know your topic of choice and introduce it to your fellow students and myself, and we can all discuss it together.

This seminar, in general, aims at current and foundational experimental and theoretical advances of physics, with a (slight) bias on AMO (atomic, molecular, optical) physics, either directly or as a tool.

The idea is to prepare presentations and to discuss topics of interest in physics, such as landmark historical or recent experiments but also experimental or numerical methods (e.g. computational physics), depending on interest and initiative of you as participants.

A key goal is to explore and develop your own scientific curiosity and passion for physics questions of interest to you, concepts, necessary methodology and past, current and potential future research.  It thus requires from you as participants the openness towards these goals, readiness for lively discussions, creative new ways of sharing knowledge, as well as independence in searching for, organizing, presenting novel information with your fellow student participants of this seminar series and engaging them in (constructive as well as critical) discussions.

Looking forward to learning together with you.

Our first meeting will be on 26 April 2022, 14:15, Philosophenweg 12, kHS where we will assign the dates for your presentations.  We will then meet at this time in the same place for the following seminar meetings as well.


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Your passion for (AMO-)physics: What are you curious about?
summer term 2022
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17 participants