Hydrospheric Processes, Tracers, and Proxies

winter term 2021/2022
Lecturer: Aeschbach
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Hydrospheric Processes, Tracers, and Proxies
Winter Term 2021/22

Prof. Dr. Werner Aeschbach
Institut für Umweltphysik, Universität Heidelberg

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Code for registration: HPTP_WS21/22

Time and place (note change compared to old LSF entry):
Friday, 11:15 – 12:45, seminar room 108/110 in INF 229

This lecture is part of the Master curriculum in physics. However, it can also be heard by Bachelor students. Knowledge from the general lecture on environmental physics (MKEP4) is presupposed. Knowledge of the lecture "Physics of Aquatic Systems" (MVEnv3) would be beneficial.

The lecture is an “MVSpec” with 2 CP, containing some exercises but no separate tutorials. There will be no written exam, the lecture can be used as part of the “specialization module” with oral examination in Environmental Physics.

This lecture is new and may in part be somewhat experimental. It will have some overlap with previous lectures on Isotope Hydrology and the second half of the lecture "Physics of Aquatic Systems".

The main goal is to discuss and practice the tracer and proxy methods that are used in the research of my group (HydroTraP = Hydrospheric Tracers and Proxies) in more detail than in other lectures. In particular, some hands-on work with these methods and software tools for data interpretation will be part of the lecture. Participants should be prepared to bring a laptop or tablet to the lecture, so that they can work with such tools or actual tracer data.

There are no formal lecture notes, but handouts of presentation slides will be provided. Additional teaching material will in particular consist of research papers and reviews. This and further material will be made available via the moodle page of the lecture.

The lecture is planned to take place in person, without videos for asynchronous study. Regular online streaming is not planned, but it may be possible to connect online participants via Zoom to the lecture room if required. Online participation may be a good option for some dates, when practical work with software tools is planned.


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Hydrospheric Processes, Tracers, and Proxies
winter term 2021/2022
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14 participants