Experimental Methods on Astro-particle Physics

winter term 2021/2022
Lecturer: JProf. PD Loredana Gastaldo
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The lecture "Experimental Methods in Astroparticle Physics - I" is focused on understanding our Universe using information which can be derived by the analysis of cosmic rays, photons, neutrinos and gravitational waves produced in astronomical objects. We aim to transmit to the students the knowledge of modern experimental methods which are the basis of the detection of radiation produced in the Universe.


We will discuss the following topics:

·       Introduction on astroparticle physics: interesting astrophysical objects and observables

·       Charged cosmic rays

·       Ultra high energy photons

·       X-rays astrophysics

·       IR and radio astronomy

·       Cosmic microwave background

·       Introduction on neutrinos

·       Solar neutrinos

·       Supernova Neutrinos

·       Ultra high energy neutrinos (atmospheric and from distant sources)

·       Gravitational waves


For each of these topics we will discuss the detection methods and what we can learn from the measurements.

The number of credit points related to this lecture is 4 and will be obtained on the basis of the submitted solutions to the exercises. It is necessary to reach 60% of corrected exercises.


Suggested literature:

1. D. H. Perkins, Particle Astrophysics, Oxford Master Series in Physics, Oxford University Press (2009)

2. C. Grupen, Astroparticle Physics, Second Edition, Springer (2020)

For specific topics dedicated literature will be suggested during the lecture.

Practice groups

  • Group A (Dr. A. Terliuk)
    18 participants
    INF 227 / SR 2.404, Fri 14:00 - 16:00
Experimental Methods on Astro-particle Physics
winter term 2021/2022
Gastaldo Terliuk
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18 participants