Lecture contents

Lecture notes provided below are not a complete script. Please refer to the literature textbooks for a more complete and typo-free presentation of condensed matter physics.

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0. General issues and introduction (bare slides)

  • How to get a certificate
  • Tutorials
  • What is Condensed Matter Physics?
  • What should you have leard before?
  • What may you expect from this lecture?
  • Link: Nobel prizes in Physics


1. Elastic properties of solids (bare slides) (slides+notes) (bare notes)

  • Formation of solids, chemical bonds (PEP5)
  • Link: Definition of crystal both in real and reciprocal space (link)
  • Continuum approximation
  • Stress tensor
  • Strain tensor
  • Elasticity tensor
  • Young's modulus, bulk modulus, shear modulus, Poisson ratio
  • Sound waves in solids
  • Nobel prize 1991: de Gennes, liquid crystals etc.


2. Lattice Dynamics (bare slides) (bare notes) (slides+notes)


3. Thermal properties of the crystal lattice (bare slides) (bare notes) (slides+notes)


4. Simple metals (bare slides, slides with notes, bare notes)

  • Free electron gas model: short review
  • The Sommerfeld approximation
  • Specific heat of the free electron gas
  • Pauli-Susceptibility
  • Electrical conductivity of metals
  • Boltzmann transport equation
  • 1D metals: Quantized electric transport
  • Advanved Reading: 1d conductor (Damyadov 2015)
  • Advanced Reading: Quantized Conductance Atomic Switch, nature 2005
  • Thermal conductivity of metals
  • Wiedemann-Franz-law
  • 1D metals: Quantized heat transport
  • Advanced reading: Quantized thermal transport in single-atom junctions, Science 2017


5. Electronic band structure (slides, slides with notes, bare notes)


6. Electrons (in solids) in external magnetic field (bare slides, slides with notes, lecture notes)



7. Semiconductors (slides, slides with notes, lecture notes



8. Magnetism (slides with notes, lecture notes, bare slides)


9. Superconductivity (slides with notes, lecture notes, slides)


10. Dielectrical and optical properties

  • Fundamental properties
  • Macroscopic susceptibility and atomic polarizability
  • Contributions to the electric polarization
  • Plasmons - bulk, surface and nanostructures
  • Advanced reading: V. Giannini et al., Nanoplasmonics, Small 2010
  • Ferroelectricity
  • Multiferroics - coupling of electric and magnetic degrees of freedom