Dark Matter Theory

summer term 2021
Lecturer: Westhoff
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Seminar for Master students  -  Masterpflichtseminar

Mondays, 14:15 - 16:00, online on zoom.

First meeting: Monday, April 12.


Zoom connection

Link: https://zoom.us/j/4752215323?pwd=Rk5ZYjRDZ1pyNm8xc2xWOWhXUUF5dz09
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Welcome to the dark side of the universe

As of today, we have ample evidence for dark matter based on astrophysical and cosmological observations. But we know very little about the fundamental nature of dark matter. In this seminar, we will explore the hypothesis that dark matter is a new particle, or an entire sector of new particles, from a theory perspective. We will discuss what we think are good candidates for dark matter, how dark matter could have been produced in the early universe, and how we search for dark matter at experiments today.


Seminar course

Each student will give a 3 x 12 minutes presentation on one of the topics, followed by a discussion with all of us. We will distribute the topics at our first meeting. In addition, you will write a summary of your presentation in 5-8 DIN A4 pages. This write-up is due 2 weeks after your presentation.


What you should know

To be equipped with background knowledge for this seminar, you should have attended at least one of the courses listed below (or equivalent courses).

  • The Standard Model of Particle Physics
  • Quantum Field Theory I/II



Dark Matter Theory
summer term 2021
Link zum LSF
14 participants