Physics of Aquatic Systems

summer term 2021
Lecturer: Aeschbach
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Summer 2021

Prof. Dr. Werner Aeschbach, IUP

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Special information for the summer term 2021

For well-known reasons, teaching in this year’s summer term will at least for a significant part take place in a virtual format. The approach that I plan to use in this lecture is that of an “inverted classroom”. This means that students acquire the information and knowledge presented not in the classroom but at home, working with the provided materials (videos, slides, texts, etc.). The time of the lecture itself is used to discuss and further delve into the material, in an active exchange between students and the lecturer. Since this cannot take place in person, we will use an online conference format for that part, and similarly for the usual tutorial groups, where exercises are discussed.

The central platform for information exchange is the above given moodle page of the lecture. There you will find the material for the lectures well in advance of the scheduled lecture times. As usual, you will also find exercise sheets with problems to solve there.

The second central tool is Zoom, for the online sessions (lectures and tutorials). You will obtain the link to the Zoom meetings via the moodle page.

Practice groups

Physics of Aquatic Systems
summer term 2021
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54 participants