Advanced Quantum Theory

summer term 2021
Lecturer: PD Dr. Natalia Oreshkina
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27 participants

In this lecture, we will treat the fundamentals of theoretical atomic physics and relativistic quantum mechanics. The lectures will include the Hartree-Fock method in atomic structure calculations, angular momentum algebra, the Dirac equation, light-matter interaction, and other related topics.

The lectures will take place online every week, starting on April 14 (Wednesday) 2021. Lectures will be held online via Zoom and/or as pre-recorded videos. The very first lecture starts with an introductory Zoom meeting. The tutorials will be Zoom sessions taking place every other week. They start a week after the first lecture, on April 20 (Tuesday) and April 22 (Thursday) 2021.

Participants are expected to solve and submit homework problems, which will be discussed in the tutorials. The lecture will conclude with a written exam at the end of the term.

Lecturer: PD Dr. Natalia Oreshkina, Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics. E-Mail:

On organizational issues, please contact the chief tutor PD Dr. Zoltan Harman, E-Mail:

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Advanced Quantum Theory
summer term 2021
Link zum LSF
27 participants