Experimentalphysik I

winter term 2020/2021
Lecturer: Norbert Frank
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Coroana impacts ..

 - update 11/29/202020 -

Dear students,

the date of the exam was moved forward from 27.02. to Saturday 20.02.2021, from 14:30 to 16:30, due to the planning of the available lecture halls!

The semester planning is otherwise not affected, the Study-Week from 15.02. to 19.02.2021 is free for revising the subject matters.

The exam will be written online. All relevant information can be found in the PEP1 Moodle course.

Please contact me directly if you have scheduling (or other) problems with the new timing and need e.g. a confirmation for the new date.

Many greetings
Andreas Grübl

Resit exam

The resit exam will be written on Friday, 09.04.2021 from 10:00 to 12:15. It will be online, as the exam. Processing time includes extra 15 minutes for uploading handwritten solutions.

Further information will be given in Moodle, or directly via email to eligible students.

Lecture Content

Experimentalphyik 1


(Preliminary program, subject to change)

  •     Week Nov 02

Introduction, kinematics of the mass point, free fall, oblique throw, uniform circular motion

  •     Week Nov 09

Curvilinear motion, relative motion and reference systems, Newton's dynamics, momentum, force, principle of inertia.

  •     Week Nov 16

Gravity, inert and heavy mass, Hook's law, friction, normal and constraining forces, centripetal force

  •     Week Nov 23

Work, energy, performance, conservative and non-conservative forces

  •     Week Nov 30

Force fields and potentials
Gravitational field and gravitational potential, energy conservation, energy diagrams, systems of mass points

  •     Week Dec 7

Center of gravity movement, rocket propulsion, elastic shocks, rigid body mechanics, torque

  •     Week Dec 14

Moment of inertia, Steiner's Law

  •     Week Jan 11

Angular momentum, rotational motion, apparent forces, solid body, Hooks law, shear, thrust, torsion

  •     Week Jan 18

Hydrostatics, Archimedean principle, Compression and expansion of gases, Barometric height formula, Flowing liquids, Bernoulli's equation

  •     Week Jan 25

Temperature concept, thermal expansion of gases, equation of state of ideal gases

  •     Week Feb 1

Kinetic gas theory, equipment partition principle, internal energy, heat capacity, first law of law, pV diagrams

  •     Week Feb 8

Thermal machines, 2nd law of thermodynamics and entropy

  •     Week Feb 15

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Demtröder, Wolfgang: Experimentalphysik 1 : Mechanik und Wärme /
Tipler, Paul Allen: Physik : für Wissenschaftler und Ingenieure /

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Experimentalphysik I
winter term 2020/2021
Norbert Frank
Link zum LSF
443 participants
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    <strong>Montag 02.11.2020 &nbsp; - 11:15&nbsp;</strong><br />
    Link zur Vorlesung:<br />
    <a href="https://youtu.be/PuiProbAVeY"> https://youtu.be </a><br />
    <strong>Mittwoch 04.11.2020&nbsp; - 11:15 </strong><br />
    Link zur Vorlesung: <a href="https://youtu.be/4Eypi5H1Wiw">https://youtu.be</a><br />
    <strong>Montag 09.11.2020&nbsp; - 11:15 </strong><br />
    Link zur Vorlesung:<a href="https://youtu.be/8YlpAZMcbAQ"> https://youtu.be </a><br />
    <strong>Mittwoch 11.11.2020&nbsp; - 11:15 </strong><br />
    Link zur Vorlesung:<a href="https://youtu.be/hmATYi5rrx0"> https://youtu.be </a><br />
    <strong>Montag 16.11.2020&nbsp; - 11:15 </strong><br />
    Link zur Vorlesung:<a href="https://youtu.be/d7CND1YR_QU"> https://youtu.be </a><br />
    <strong>Mittwoch 18.11.2020&nbsp; - 11:15</strong><br />
    Link zur Vorlesung:<a href="https://youtu.be/KnaYHf58ePI"> https://youtu.be</a><br />
    <strong> Montag 23.11.2020&nbsp; - 11:15 </strong><br />
    Link zur Vorlesung:<a href="https://youtu.be/VI8YFFaKTLo"> https://youtu.be</a><br />
    <strong>Mittwoch 25.11.2020&nbsp; - 11:15</strong><br />
    Link zur Vorlesung:<a href="https://youtu.be/D6_wABhOieg"> https://youtu.be</a><br />
<strong>Mittwoch 30.11.2020&nbsp; - 11:15</strong><br />
    Vorlesung-Videos auf Moodle<br />
<strong>Mittwoch 02.12.2020&nbsp; - 11:15</strong><br />
    Vorlesung-Videos auf Moodle<br />
<strong>Mittwoch 07.11.2020&nbsp; - 11:15</strong><br />
    Link zur Vorlesung:<a href="https://youtu.be/"> https://youtu.be</a><br />
    &nbsp; (nicht aktuell!)</p>
<strong>Mittwoch 09.11.2020&nbsp; - 11:15</strong><br />
    Link zur Vorlesung:<a href="https://youtu.be/"> https://youtu.be</a><br />
    &nbsp; (nicht aktuell!)</p>