Introduction to Accelerator Physics

winter term 2020/2021
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Yuri Litvinov
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The advent of modern physics, independently whether this is particle or atomic physics, nuclear structure or astrophysics, material research or radiation biology, is inevitably connected with particle accelerators.

There are various particle accelerators worldwide which are often based on different principles and are constructed and optimized for specific purposes in basic research or applications.

As any other comprehensive research field, accelerator physics has its language and laws.

The main goal of this lecture course is to introduce basic principles of accelerator physics.

The course covers the main building blocks of machines, their types and operation details, introductory ion optics.

A special attention is given to circular accelerators like synchrotrons and storage rings.

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Introduction to Accelerator Physics
winter term 2020/2021
Litvinov Schweda
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9 participants