Experimental Optics and Photonics

winter term 2020/2021
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Selim Jochim
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26 participants

The lecture provides an overview of basic and applied aspects of optics and photonics relevant to modern research ranging from basic science to photonic technologies.

The knowledge you obtain in this lectures is extremely helpful if you plan to work in any quantum/atomic physics laboratory. It complements the contents of the "Advanced Atomic and Molecular Physics" lecture and the "Experimental Methods in Atomic and Molecular Physics" course taught in the summer semester.   

Basic knowledge in Electromagnetism and Quantum Physics is required.

Due to current Covid-19 situation, the lecture will be held in an online format.

It will contain an asynchronous part that will be provided before the lecture date, that participants should watch by themselves.

A synchronous part will take place at each lecture date: There will be a summary and discussion of the contents provided asynchronously. This will be followed by the tutorial, which will be held online.

Due to the asynchronous part, the lecture and tutorial will end around 13:00. 

The link to the lecture and lecture materials will be provided after registration. 


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Experimental Optics and Photonics
winter term 2020/2021
Link zum LSF
26 participants