Solving problems on quantum hardware

winter term 2020/2021
Lecturer: Jendrzejewski
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36 participants

This is a block seminar, which will be organized together with experts from IBM-Q, we will explore the possibilities of quantum hardware like cold atom machines and IBM-Q to solve a variety of problems. It will run during the week of October 5th to October 9th for the full day.

We will put special focus on a practical implementation of simple algorithms through the publicly available IBM-Q machine in the exercises and benchmark them with hardware, which is developed in Heidelberg. Hereby, we put the largest possible focus on a hands-on experience, where we try to support the students to solve specific problems.

The seminar is planned to be loosely based on the ideas of hackathons. As such, we have roughly planned the following schedule:

  • Each day has a morning session starting at 9am and an afternoon session.
  • On Monday you will obtain an introduction into the two main platforms we would like to employ in this lecture.
  • On Tuesday morning we discuss the proposed tools for coding, which will be most likely jupyter environments, github and python.
  • Starting on Tuesday afternoon you have until Friday morning to work through a project in team of a few people.
  • On Friday afternoon you will present the results in a short presentation and discuss them with the other students.
  • During the week you will be supported by members of IBMQ and teaching stuff from our University.

Further technical points:

  • The seminar lectures and presentations will happen online. We will provide you a room if the members of the team are in HD, but this is optional.
  • The lectures will be given through zoom, the links will be provided later.
  • Communication during the week will happen through a slack channel on
  • Quantum code can be run on the ibm quantum experience. Instructions for registration will follow.

-   Communication will be most likely happening through slack.

Possible projects are:

  • Non-classical correlations
  • Random walks
  • Optimization
  • Quantum chemistry
  • Lattice gauge theories
  • Your ideas are very welcome

Please be aware that this is a new block seminar, so a lot of things will change until this finished.

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Solving problems on quantum hardware
winter term 2020/2021
Link zum LSF
36 participants