Quantum dynamics and structure

summer term 2020
Lecturer: Moshammer Robert, Feuerstein Bernold
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5 participants

The seminar 'Quantum dynamics and Structure' will cover basic as well as forefront topics in AMO (atomic, molecular and optical) science. Possible themes are:

- Atoms and molecules in strong laser fields
- Attosecond physics and generation of ultrashort light pulses
- Physics of and with X-ray free-electron lasers
- Light-atom interaction: from dipole response to time-dependent Fano theory
- Quantum control with shaped laser pulses
- Laser cooling
- Frequency combs and optical clocks
- Quantum logic spectroscopy and test of natural constants
- The g-factor of the electron (bound and free): measurement and theory
- Collisions with charged particles

The seminar will be given online via ‘zoom’.

Start (first meeting): Monday 20. April at 16:15.

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Quantum dynamics and structure
summer term 2020
Moshammer Feuerstein
Link zum LSF
5 participants