Physik des Klimasystems II

summer term 2020
Lecturer: Kira Rehfeld, Samuel Hammer (Vorlesung), Nils Weitzel, Janica Bühler (Tutorien)
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35 participants

This lecture is part of the specialization in Environmental Physics within the Master’s programme in physics. Previous knowledge of the general lecture on environmental physics (MKEP4) and/or the introductory part (Physics of Climate I), or equivalent courses is expected.

The lecture addresses the underlying physical and chemical processes of the terrestrial climate system, how the relevant compartments of the Earth (i.e. atmosphere, ocean cryosphere, biosphere, lithosphere) interact, and how their properties are determined by the various internal and external boundary conditions and constraints provided on the various spatial and temporal time scales.

Previous knowledge: The first part of the lecture (usually held during the winter term) deals with the formation of the solar system, the sun and its variable energy input into the climate system, some features of atmospheric radiative transfer and the budget of the climate system, as well as the relevant dynamical aspects of mass, momentum, and energy transport within the climate system.

In the summer term we focus on the thermodynamics of the climate system, atmospheric and oceanic dynamics, climate models, model projections and the carbon cycle. The lectures are complemented by a weekly tutorial, which includes some home-work and practical exercises. Previous knowledge of a computing language is advantageous, as there will be numerical exercises and a modeling project.

Technical details for the summer term 2020 are expected to be changing, and changing details will be given to the registered participants. At present, the lecture is planned to take place in HeiCONF with recordings available afterwards. The tutorials may be similarly synchronous, but may also be pre-recorded with audio/video discussion sessions. The time of one tutorial may be changed to reduce data transfer rates.

Practice groups

  • Group 1 (Nils Weitzel)
    14 participants
    INF 229 / SR 108/110, Wed 13:30 - 14:15
  • Group 2 (Janica Bühler)
    21 participants
    INF 229 / SR 120, Wed 13:30 - 14:15
Physik des Klimasystems II
summer term 2020
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35 participants