From Soft Matter to Synthetic Biology

summer term 2020
Lecturer: Ziebert, Göpfrich
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23 participants

Note: Due to the current situation (corona), we will start this seminar with an online meeting. We will meet on heiCONF next Tuesday, 21.04., at 15:30 (3:30 pm). I will send you the heiCONF-link Tuesday morning.

In that meeting, we will explain the technical details, give a short introduction in the topic of the seminar, and we will distribute the subjects of the talks. 

Falko Ziebert & Kerstin Göpfrich


part 1: fundamentals

1) polymers

2) lipid membranes & compartments

3) liquid crystals

4) colloids, stabilisation & electrostatics

5) complex mechanical response

6) microfluidics

7) intro nonequilibrium thermodynamics

part 2: complexity & synthetic biology

8) creating compartments

9) creating motility (i.e. self-sustained motion)

10) soft robotics

11) strategies for self-healing materials

12) patterning in space & time

13) DNA nanotech

14) DNA origami

15) 2D and 3D printing of biomaterials

16) synthetic cells

17) origin of life


Practice groups

From Soft Matter to Synthetic Biology
summer term 2020
Ziebert, Göpfrich
Link zum LSF
23 participants