Recent highlights and future directions in particle physics

summer term 2020
Lecturer: Borsato Sefkow Stamen
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Mandatory Advanced Seminar (6CP)

Time: Fridays 14:15

Room: INF 227 2.402

The Seminar will be held as a videoconference using the HeiConf System.


First Meeting: April 24th


Dr. Martino Borsato                                                                                   

Priv. Doz. Dr. Felix Sefkow                                                                                          

Dr. Rainer Stamen                                            




The goal of the seminar is to discuss some of the recent results at the forefront of particle physics. The topics range from important precision measurements at the LHC, over searches for dark matter to lepton and quark flavour physics. In addition we will discuss future experiments which are currently in the planning phase. The emphasis will be on experimental aspects.

Prerequisite for this seminar is the Particle Physics Master Course or a Bachelor Thesis in particle physics. The seminar consists of the oral presentation of a research topic and a write-up of the talk. (see Master Modulhanbuch) Presentations early in the semester are particularly appreciated.



The talks are distributed on a first come first served basis. In order to register for the seminar, send an email to one of the lecturers or come to the first meeting April 24th.





Measurements at the LHC

  1. Higgs couplings to heavy quarks - establishing the Higgs mechanism for fermions

  2. Higgs mass and width: fundamental parameters from the LHC
  3. Measurement of the W mass: Precision from the LHC
  4. Precision Measurement of the top Quark mass


Searches for Dark Matter 

  1. Search for Wimp Dark matter at LHC
  2. Dark Photon searches at the LHC
  3. Direct search for Dark Matter with the Xenon 1T detector


Lepton and Quark Flavor Physics

  1. Breaking the lepton universality paradigm with b-quark semileptonic decays
  2. Hints of new physics in the precise analysis of rare B decays
  3. Search for Lepton Flavour Violation with the MEG and the Mu3e experiments
  4. Evidence for Sterile Neutrinos


Future Experiments

  1. Probing indirectly new physics with 1013 kaons at NA62
  2. The Physics Potential of the Long Baseline Neutrino Experiment Dune
  3. The search for hidden particles at the intensity frontier with the SHiP experiment
  4. The Physics at Future e+e-Colliders: Precision Measurements of Higgs Parameters and More

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Recent highlights and future directions in particle physics
summer term 2020
Borsato Sefkow Stamen
Link zum LSF
9 participants