Experimental methods in astroparticle physics

winter term 2019/2020
Lecturer: Marrodán Undagoitia, Gastaldo
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8 participants

Lecture contents:

  • Cosmic rays introduction
  • Cosmic rays: detection of charged particles
  •  X-ray and γ-ray astronomy
  • Introduction to neutrinos and their oscillations
  • Solar neutrinos and their detection
  • Supernova neutrinos and their detection
  • High energy neutrinos: atmospheric and from distant sources
  • Cosmic microwave background
  • Gravitational waves
In SS2020 there will be a follow up lecture covering the topics: artificial neutrino sources (reactors and accelerators), coherent neutrino scattering, neutrino mass, neutrinoless double beta decay, dark matter, direct and indirect detection of dark matter and axion searches

Exercise sheets

Practice groups

  • Group 1 (Tim Wolf, Arnulf Barth)
    8 participants
    INF 227 / SR 1.403, Fri 14:00 - 16:00
Experimental methods on astroparticle physics
winter term 2019/2020
Marrodán Undagoitia, Gastaldo
Link zum LSF
8 participants