The file organization.xlsx (below) contains (will contain) a list of the subjects, speakers, and literature for each topic/week. The literature at the beginning of the course is in the file articles.zip. Articles added later will be listed below. A zip file containing the presentations and handouts for each topic/week will be provided here after each session. The books and websites listed are only suggestions; there may well be others.

Die Physik der interstellaren Raumfahrt

summer term 2019
Lecturer: Coryn Bailer-Jones
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20 participants

You need to register in advance, as space is limited. Please only register if you really will attend, otherwise you will block places for others. You must attend the first session if you want to participate (and attendance at all other scheduled sessions is mandatory).

The first session is 09:15 on Friday 26 April (as 19 April is a public holiday).

Registration opens at 12:00 on Monday 18 March. If you cannot register because it is full, send me an email to be put on the waiting list.

Material (most recently modified/added files at bottom)

    Other articles

    Sterne und Weltraum, April 2018, two popular articles on interstellar travel (in German)


    • Beech M., Alpha Centauri, 2015, Springer (is in UB) (Use with a bit of caution, as even a casual reading of part of it revealed a number of errors)
    • Curtis H.D., Orbital mechanics for engineering students, 2009, BH/Elsevier
    • Long K.F., Deep space propulsion, 2012, Springer (is in UB)
    • Mallove E, Matloff G., The starflight handbook, 1989, Wiley (Okay for an introduction, but the astrophysics parts are outdated)
    • Matloff G.L., Deep space probes, 2005, Springer-Praxis (is in UB) (A bit dotty in parts)
    • McInnes C.R., 1999, Solar sailing, 1999, Springer-Praxis (is in UB)
    • Messerschmid E., Fasoulas S., 2017, Raumfahrtsysteme, Springer-Vieweg (is in UB)
    • Turner M.J.L., Rocket and spacecraft propulsion, 2009, Springer-Praxis
    • van Pelt M, Space tethers and space elevators, Springer-Praxis
    • Vulpetti G., et al., Solar sails, 2015, Springer-Praxis (is in UB)
    • Walter U., Astronautics, 2018, Springer
    Die Physik der interstellaren Raumfahrt
    summer term 2019
    Link zum LSF
    20 participants