Stellar Astrophysics (Block)

summer term 2019
Lecturer: Karin Lind, Maria Bergemann
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6 participants

The module consists of

  • lectures (9:30 am - 12 pm)
  • tutorials (1 pm - 3 pm)
  • seminars (02.08 or 09.08)

In order to obtain the 5 ECTS credit points the students have to successfully participate in the lecture, exercises, and seminar.

Requirements to pass the course:
All lectures must be attended
Solutions to exercises shall be handed in individually 
Attend the seminar sessions and present a seminar

Seminars should be 20min + 10min Q&A.

Course Overview

Karin Lind:

29.7.2019:  Radiative transfer

30.7.2019:  Winds and hydrodynamics

31.7.2019:  Activity and rotation

1.08.2019:  Star formation, binaries, star clusters


Maria Bergemann:

5.08.2019:  Stellar evolution 1

6.08.2019:  Stellar evolution 2

7.08.2019:  Stellar pulsations and asteroseismology

8.08.2019:  Supernovae, gamma ray bursts, stellar remnants

Seminar topics

Practice groups

Stellar Astrophysics (Block)
summer term 2019
Lind Bergemann
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6 participants