QCD matter in heavy ion collisions

summer term 2018
Lecturer: Dr. E. Grossi and Dr. A. Mazeliauskas
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In this seminar course we will look at theoretical methods of studying physics of dense, multi-body QCD matter with ultra-relativistic heavy ion collisions in mind. A heavy ion collision is a dynamical multiphase process, therefore its description requires a diverse range of theoretical approaches, e.g., relativistic hydrodynamics, kinetic theory, lattice QCD, etc. The aim of this course is to introduce students to current theoretical ideas used to describe the evolution of heavy ion collisions.


  • Wed   18.4.2018 14:15   Overview of physics in heavy ion collisions
    Aleksas Mazeliauskas, Eduardo Grossi
    The physical motivation of studying dense nuclear matter with heavy ion collisions. The current understanding of different stages of the evolution of heavy ion collisions. List of possible seminar topics.
  • Wed   25.4.2018 14:15   Relativistic hydrodynamics
    Eduardo Grossi
    Conservation of energy-momentum tensor. Ideal hydrodynamics. Hydrodynamic gradient expansion, shear and bulk stress-tensors. Transport coefficients. Choosing the presentation topics.
  • Wed   9.5.2018 14:15   Exact solutions of relativistic Navier-Stokes equations
    Aleksas Mazeliauskas
    I will discuss exact solutions of relativstic Navier-Stokes equations: Bjorken and Gubser flow. Bjorken flow is a starting point in understanding the expansion in heavy ion collisions. Gubser flow is an ingenious application of conformal symmetries and is widely used as a testing case for transversely expanding systems.
  • Wed   30.5.2018 14:15   Glauber modelling in heavy ion collisions
    David Lafferty
    The Monte Carlo Glauber model is used to characterise initial conditions in heavy ion collisions. I will give a theoretical overview and provide some examples of typical calculations. I will then discuss the most useful quantities that can be gained from the MC-Glauber model and how these relate to experiment.
  • Wed   6.6.2018 14:15   Kinetic theory of particles
    Paul Wiesemeyer
  • Wed   13.6.2018 14:15   Initial conditions for heavy ion collisions from first principles
    Davide Legacci
  • Wed   4.7.2018 14:15   QCD thermodynamics and phase diagram
    Oscar Jesus Garcia Montero
  • Wed   11.7.2018 14:15   Cooper Frye freeze-out and hadronization
    Alissa Fink

Practice groups

  • Group 1 (Aleksas Mazeliauskas)
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    Philos.-weg 12 / R 107b, Wed 14:15 - 15:45
QCD matter in heavy ion collisions
summer term 2018
Grossi, Mazeliauskas
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8 participants