Surfaces and Nanostructures

winter term 2016/2017
Lecturer: Annemarie Pucci
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11 participants

Information: Lectures on Wednesday and Friday at 11:15 in INF 227, SR 2.402. 


Regular participation in the tutorial and at least 60% of solved problems are the requirements for the admission to the written exam that will take place on February 8th from 11:00-13:00.


8 CP ( includes regular active participation in the Journal Club on each second Monday beginning with Monday the 24th of October). 6CP without Journal Club.

The written examination on Wednesday, February 8th, 2017, in SR 2.402 starts at 11:00.   You may use  an A4 sheet on both sides with own notes.  You should bring a pocket calculator. Please be in time in order to start at 11:00.




1. Stability and structure of crystalline surfaces

2. Electronic properties of crystalline surfaces

3. Vibrational properties of crystalline surfaces

4. Adatoms and molecules on crystalline surfaces

5. Nanostructures and thin films on surfaces

6. Optical properties of surfaces, layers, and nanostructures

7. Dimension and quantum effects of nanostructures

Surfaces and Nanostructures
winter term 2016/2017
Link zum LSF
11 participants