Stellar Astrophysics

summer term 2016
Lecturer: Bergemann
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19 participants


The module consists of

  • the lecture (Thursdays 14:15-16:00, Kleiner Hörsaal, Philosophenweg 12)
  • the exercises (Thursdays 16:00-17:00, Kleiner Hörsaal, Philosophenweg 12)
  • the seminar (as a block course, students will give a 30 minute talk on a topic in stellar astrophysics, the dates of the block course are June 10, June 24, and July 21)


The lecture and exercises will be hold by Dr. Maria Bergemann and Dr. Karin Lind.

The seminar will be advised by Dr. Maria Bergemann (or Dr. Karin Lind) and Apl.-Prof. Dr. Stefan Jordan.

In order to obtain the ECTS credit points the students have to successfully participate in the lecture, exercises, and seminar.


Requirements to pass the course *:

1)    Not absent for more than two lecture+tutorials sessions

2)    Solutions to exercises shall be handed in individually and score >60%

3)    On three random occasions present solutions to exercises on the black board.

4)    Attend the seminar sessions and present a 30min seminar

* Active participation in the course is awarded with a 5% bonus

Course Overview

Karin Lind:

21.4.2016:  Introduction

28.4.2016:  Radiative transfer

12.5.2016:  Winds and hydrodynamics

19.5.2016:  Activity and rotation

02.6.2016:  Star formation

21.7.2016:  Binaries and star clusters


Maria Bergemann:

16.6.2016:  Stellar evolution 1

30.6.2016:  Stellar evolution 2

07.7.2016:  Stellar pulsations and asteroseismology

08.7.2016:  Supernovae and GRB (Friday!)

14.7.2016:  Stellar remnants

22.7.2016: Stellar Abundances and Galactic Chemical Evolution (Friday!)

Practice groups

  • Group Exercises (Bergemann)
    Please register for the exercise group
    18 participants
    Philos.-weg 12 / kHS, Thu 16:00 - 17:00
  • Group Seminar (Jordan)
    1 participants
    Phil 12 R107a, Fri 14:00 - 18:00

Seminar on June 10

The first part of the seminar "Stellar Astrophysics" will take place on June 10 in the seminar room R107A in Philosophenweg 12. Attendance is mandatory for all participants of the seminar (not only for those giving a talk on June 10!).

Begin: 13:15 CEST
End: ca. 18:30 CEST

1. Jonas Kemmer: What can giant telescopes do for stellar physics in the next decade?
2. Robert Latka: Asteroseismology: the sound of stars and "star quakes"
3. David Neb: The Solar neutrino problem
4.Deniz Gündüz: Measuring stellar magnetic fields
5. Katja Fahrion: Measuring stellar ages
6. Linda Urich: Multiple populations in Globular Clusters
7. Caroline Dieser: Measuring the the Hubble constant with Cepheids

Please prepare a presentation for 30 minutes. After the talk we will have about 10 minutes of time for discussion.

Stellar Astrophysics
summer term 2016
Link zum LSF
19 participants