summer term 2016

Teaching and learning methods

  • Introduction lecture including a safety briefing: Thu 21.04. 5:00 PM INF 308 HS1

  • Weekly meetings

Learning content

Independent execution of own projects



  • Microcontroller-programming

  • Raspberry Pi, Arduino

  • Physical experiments

  • Mechanics-projects

  • using a 3D-printer, elektronics and mechanical tool equipment

  •  Your own project idea!

Practice groups

  • Group Werkraum
    38 participants
    INF 227, 3. Stock, Raum 3.201 ("Hardwarepraktikum"), keine Anwesenheitspflicht. Angebot: Do,Fr, 14-18Uhr

Learning aims

The experimental education of the students is further enriched with creativity, inventor spirit and technical abilities.

Real, non-ideal systems are used to sharpen physical intuition and understanding.

Teamwork and self-contained problem solving are emphasized during the process.



PEP1, PEP2, AP are useful.

The aim of the 'Werkraum' is to promote independent and free project work. Therefore, CP are not provided.

After mutual agreement, it may be possible to make an exception for representing the university of Heidelberg during scientific contests.

Similarly, a project may count as a presentation in a FP-Seminar after mutual agreement. In each case, the requirement is a focus on a physical subject.

Further information

KIP Mitarbeit-Homepage

Werkraum-Forum (access only via VPN/Uni-network)


summer term 2016

38 participants
Contact information
Student contact persons
Prof. Hans-Christian Schultz-Coulon