Optical Properties of Condensed Matter

summer term 2016
Lecturer: Annemarie Pucci
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16 participants

Specialized lecture, 3 CP, 2 SWS on Tuesday 9:15-10:45 in INF 227 / SR 1.404

+ 1 SWS tutorial on Friday 11:15-12:00 in INF 227 / SR 3.404.

No tutorials after July 8th.


1. Introduction (light waves, optical processes, optical coefficients, complex refractive index and dielectric „constant“, optical materials, solid state characteristics, microscopic models)

2. Classical propagation of light (dense medium with atomic, vibrational and free electron oscillators, dipole oscillator models, coupled oscillators, Kramers-Kronig relations, dispersion, anisotropy, chirality)

3. Interband absorption (band theory, interband transitions, transition rates, direct and indirect bandgaps)

4. Measurement (photodetectors, spectroscopy, ellipsometry, microscopy in the far and near field)

5. Excitons (concept, free excitons, excitons in external fields, high exciton densities, Frenkel excitons),

6. Free electrons (reflectivity and conductivity, metals, doped semiconductors, plasmonic excitations, polaritons,  negative refraction)

7. Quantum confinement (typical structures, electronic levels, absorption and excitons in quantum wells, emission, intersubband transitions, quantum dots)

8. Phonons (infrared active phonons, infrared optical properties, classical models, reststrahl band, lattice absorption, polaritons, polarons, inelastic light scattering, plasmonic coupling)

9. Luminescence (light emission in solids, interband luminescence, photo- and electroluminescence, defect centres) - scheduled for July 5th-
-  Labvisit at KIP on July 12th, meeting point at 9.15 am is room 1.404  -

10. Molecular materials (organic materials, molecular optical spectra, conjugated molecules, organic opto-electronics, carbon nanostructures) -scheduld for July 19th

11. Nonlinear optics, magneto-optics -scheduld for July 19th

12. Summary and outlook -scheduld for July 26th, room 3.403

Optical Properties of Condensed Matter
summer term 2016
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16 participants