Optical Excitations of Nanostructures and Plasmonics

summer term 2015
Lecturer: Prof. Annemarie Pucci

Practice groups

On July 21st, the summary of the lecture will be given. No lecture on July 23rd.
  • Group Group1 (A. Pucci)
    KIP, 2.403, Tue 16:15 - 17:45


1. Introduction on light-matter interaction
1.1. Fields and waves, far-field and near-field of a dipole, linear and local dielectric function of non-magnetic material, oscillator models of optical excitations for phonons and electrons
1.2. Interface, layers, thin-film approximation, Mie scattering of particles, absorption and scattering cross section
1.3. Inelastic light scattering, photo-luminescence, non-linear effects 
2. Experimental optical techniques' survey
3. Optical excitations of finite systems
3.1. Surface excitations (macroscopic, microscopic)
3.2. Particle phonon polaritons (e.g. of dust)
3.3. Localized plasmon polaritons of particles and refractive index sensing
3.4. Coupled excitations, Fano effect, SEIRA, SERS, applications
3.5. Quantum size effects
3.6. Two-Dimensional systems and graphene 
3.7. One-dimensional systems
3.8. From organic molecules to clusters, anisotropy, chirality, IR activated modes in polymers, plasmons in molecules, OLED & OPV applications
4. Summary
Optical Excitations of Nanostructures and Plasmonics
summer term 2015