Particle Physics


Prof. Dr. Stephanie Hansmann-Menzemer



INF 227 HS2, Tue 14:15-16:00h, Thu 14:15-16:00


The lecute focuses on modern particle physics. It will discuss the building blocks of matter and the forces between them. It is mainly based on Modern Particle Physics by Marc Thomson. The book is available at the library.

18.10.2022 Introduction 1
20.10.2022 Underlying Concepts, Particle Detectors (1) 2
25.10.2022 Particle Detectors (2)  
27.10.2022  Accelerator Physics  
4.11.2022 Decay Rates and Cross Sections 3
8.11.2022 Dirac Equation (1) 4
10.11.2022 Diract Equation (2) 4
15.11.2022 Interaction by Particle Exchange 5
17.11.2022 Electron-Positron Annihilation 6
22.11.2022 Elastic Scattering 7
24.11.2022 Deep Inelastic Scattering (1) 8
29.11.2022 Deep Inelastic Scattering (2) 8
1.12.2022 Deep Inelastic Scattering, Symmetries and the Quark Model (1) 8/9
6.12.2022 Symmetries and the Quark Model (2) 9
8.12.2022 Quantum Chromodynamics (1) 10
13.12.2022 Quantum Chromodynamics (2) 10
15.12.2022    - entfallen -  
20.12.2022 Quantum Chromodynamics (3) 10
10.1.2023 Weak Interaction (1) 11
12.1.2023 Weak Interaction (2) 11
17.1.2023 Weak Interaction of Leptons 12
19.1.2023 Weak Interaction of Hadrons 14
24.1.2023 Weak Interaction of Hadrons 14
26.1.2023 Weak unification 15
31.1.2023 Weak unification 15
2.2.2023 Test of the Standard Model 16
7.2.2023 Higgs Boson 17
9.2.2023 Reptetition for the exam  
16.2.2023 Exam  



Homeworks and Tutorials

Exercise sheets will be put online on Tuesday and have to be uploaded by Tuesday the week after. The exercises will not be corrected in detail, but you will get 0 or 1 point depending if you did a decent attempt to solve the problem even if the solution is not 100% correct. You can hand in your exercises in groups of maximal three students. Please note all names on the sheet. We expect every student of the group to be able to present and explain all solutions. 60% of the points on the sheets are required to participate in the exam. Admissions to exams from previous years are not valid this year. The tutorial will start on 20th/21st of October with a repetiton of PEP-IV material. The first sheet will be online 18th of October and has to be handed in by 25th of October.


The exam will take place 16th of February at 2pm in HS1 (for group 1-3) and HS2 of KIP for group (4-6). Access to the lecture is from 13:45h on. Please bring your students card or any other piece of identiy with you.

You are allowed to bring one double sided hand-written sheet with notes/formulars. You can use your own calculator if it has no access to the internet. Otherwise we will provid calulators.

The results of the exam will be online on 21st of February by lunch time. There is the possibility to have a look at the corrections of the exam on 21st at 2-3:30pm in the "gold-box" on the ground floor of Physikalisches Institut (INF 226).

To avoid queues, we recommend students from group 1-3 to come from 2-2:45pm and student from group 4-6 from 2:45-3:30pm.

If you are sick the day of the exam, please send a doctoral certificate to Diana Horneck ( If you don't show up without an excuse this is counted a failed try for the exam.

The repetition exam will take place on 17th of April at 4:30pm in INF 227, HS2. The room is open from 4:15pm on, please bring your (student)ID card with you.

Everyone who wasn't present or failed the first exam is automatically registered to the second exam.

Lecture note and slides



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