Particle Physics

winter term 2020/2021
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Hans-Christian Schultz-Coulon
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Prof. Dr. H.-C. Schultz-Coulon

Lectures: INF 227, HS 1

Tue, 14:15 - 16:00

        16:15 - 17:00 Q/A session

Thu, 14:15 - 16:00 


The lecture focuses on modern particle physics; 

it will discuss the building blocks of matter and
the forces between them.


The lecture is based on:
Modern Particle Physics
von M. Thomson



Homeworks and Tutorials:


Exercise sheets will be put online on Wednesdays and have to be upload by Wednesday the

week after. The exercises will not be corrected in detail, but you will get 0 or 1 point depending

if you did a decent attempt to solve the problem even if the solution is not 100% correct. You

can hand in your exercises in groups of maximal three students. Please note all names on

the sheet. We expect every student of the group to be able to present and explain their solution.

60% of the points on the sheets are required to participate in the exam. Admissions to exams

from previous years are not valid this year.

The tutorials will start on 6th November with a repetion of PEP-IV material. The first sheet will

be online 4.11.20 and has to be handed in by 11.11.20.



The lecture will be streamed on youtube and simultaneously transmitted via zoom

for fast feedback. The tutorials will be via zoom ( see here for links ).

The streamed lectures will be available until the end of the term. Furthermore, during the lecture you

can ask questions on Rocket-Chat. Prof. Schultz-Coulon will have a look at them during the break

and at the end of  the lecture. 


Exam and test exam:

The exam will take place 23.02.2021 at 2pm. It will be online. A short test exam to get familiar with the technical setup and to get an idea how potential exercises in the exam might look like will be performed on 10.02.2021 at 5 pm. The results can be seen (as well online) on 11.02.2021. Participation in the test exam is on a voluntary basis, the results do not count. If you have very good reasons that you cannot write the online exam at home (bad internet, a big and noisy construction side in front of your house, ...) please contact your tutor after the test exam (latest by 14.02.2021).


Retry exam:

The retry exam will be an oral examination, which will take place in the last week of the semester break or the first week of the term. If you are eligible to take part in the retry exam, please register for it latest by 19.03.201 by sending an email to .





Lecture Notes and slides:


The notes and slides to the lecture can be found here.


Link to literature:


The book M. Thomson on "Modern Particle Physics" is availabe at the library. In addition, it is

accessible online via the HEIDI platform of the University Library. Be aware that for reading it online

you have to set up a personal login on the Cambridge Higher Education website. Once having 

registered via HEIDI and logged in via your personal account you can use the direct link.




# Datum Inhalt Chapters
1 03.11.2020 Introduction 1,2,3
2 05.11.2020 Rates and Cross Sections 1,2,3
3 10.11.2020 Phase Space and Phase Space Intergration 1,2,3
4 12.11.2020 Dirac Equation and Spinors  4
5 17.11.2020 Interaction by Particle Exchange (1) 5
6 19.11.2020 Interaction by Particle Exchange (2) 5
7 24.11.2020 Electron-Positron Annihilation 6
8 26.11.2020 Electron-Proton Elastic Scattering 7
9 01.12.2020 Deep Inelastic Scattering (1) 8
10 03.12.2020 Deep Inelastic Scattering (2) 8
11 08.12.2020 Symmetries and the Quark Model (1) 9
12 10.12.2020 Symmetries and the Quark Model (2) 9
13 15.12.2020 Quantum Chromodynamics (1) 10
14 17.12.2020 Quantum Chromodynamics (2) 10
15 12.01.2021 Quantum Chromodynamics (3) 10
16 14.01.2021 Quantum Chromodynamics (4) 10
17 19.01.2021 The Weak Interaction (1) 11
18 21.01.2021 The Weak Interaction (2) 11
19 26.01.2021 The Weak Interaction of Leptons 12
20 28.01.2021 Neutrino Scattering & Neutrino Oscillation 12,13
21 02.02.2021 Weak Hadronic Interactions, CKM-Matrix 14
22 04.02.2021 B-Meson Physics, B-Oscillations, CP-Violation 14
23 09.02.2021 W Decay Width 15
24 11.02.2021 Electroweak Unification 15
25 16.02.2021 The Z Resonance 16
26 18.02.2021 The Higgs Boson 17
  23.02.2021 Written Exams  
  xx.xx.2021 Exam Review  
  15.04.2021 Retry Exams  

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Particle Physics
winter term 2020/2021
Link zum LSF
107 participants