Fundamentals of Simulation Methods

Wintersemester 2019/2020
Dozent: Ralf Klessen
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Lecture data

This course takes place on Tuesday and Thursday in the time from 9:15h to 11:00h in HS2 of INF 308.

The tutorials are held in the CIP Pool at Philosophenweg 12, Thursday 11h - 13h and 14h - 16h, and on Friday 11h - 13h. Further details will be discussed in the first lecture.


Final exam

As discussed in the lecture, the final exam will be held on Thursday, February 6, during the lecture time from 9:15h to 11:00h.The final exam will take place in the Grand Lecture Hall at Philosophenweg 12.

If you do not want to participate in the exam (including backup exam), please deregister from the course. The way the course will not be counted as 'not passed'.

The date for the back-up exam will be communicated as soon as we have reliable information about when written exams can be conducted again.



Lecture content

  • Basic concepts of numerical simulations, continuous and discrete simulations

  • Discretization of ordinary differential equations, integration schemes of different order

  • N-body problems, molecular dynamics, collisionless systems

  • Discretization of partial differential equations

  • Finite element and finite volume methods

  • Lattice methods

  • Adaptive mesh refinement and multi-grid methods

  • Matrix solvers and FFT methods

  • Monte Carlo methods, Markov chains, applications in statistical physics


Credit points and workload

The workload of this master core course is 240 hours, corresponding to 8 credit points.



Lecture notes will be provided from this webpage as the lecture progresses. It is based on the script of the past semesters.



Please find all course material and homework assignments provided at the following moodle page:

Use your Uni-ID to log into the moodle system. The enrollment key for the course will be provided once you are logged in.



  • Gruppe G1 (Loke Ohlin Lönnblad)
    24 Teilnehmer
    Phil 12 -- CIP Pool, Do 11 - 13
  • Gruppe G2 (Toni Peter)
    19 Teilnehmer
    Phil 12 -- CIP Pool, Do 14 - 16
  • Gruppe G3 (Marcelo Barraza)
    20 Teilnehmer
    Phil 12 -- CIP Pool, Fr 11 - 13
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Fundamentals of Simulation Methods
Wintersemester 2019/2020
Link zum LSF
63 Teilnehmer/innen