Solving problems on quantum hardware

Practical informations

Dear students,

I am looking forward to next weeks work-shop that is coming very close. To make the process as smooth as possible, we have a few recommendations for you. For simple remote discussions please register on this slack channel:

For a smooth programming experience please attempt to install qiskit as described in the textbook:

We will work through the examples for cold atoms and superconductors with qiskit, so this will be a nice simplification. If you have problems just ask us directly in the slack channel.

Please register to ibmq with your university account:

Once you did it please write on slack and I will add you to our work-shop. This should give you some better access to the machines by IBM.

Finally, come in well prepared, which means be relaxed and curious.



(01.10. 08:03, Fred Jendrzejewski)